Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Plane

So believe it or not these three photos were taken in 1998 at Adelaide's West Beach vert ramp which is right across from the airport. Some sukkas think these where photoshopped but hey I couldnt even use a computer back then...
The bottom image is taken by my friend Hogey on my Bronica medium format whilst I shoot a practice shot of Pat Roads doing a nice japan air - the day before.
The second shot is the actual shoot where Pat skated the ramp at 6.00am one morning to get the nice sunrise. We got the airport's flight schedule and would time how long each plane would take to get near us then I would yell out to Pat to drop in and start his run. Each plane was a different size and type so they all where going at different speeds. As you can see we never nailed the plane on sunrise, anyway the shot got published.
The last shot I took while we were packing up around 9am, the clouds came over and so did a massive 747 so I ran for the trusty EOS1nRS and fired off one frame to get this.

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