Monday, July 22, 2013

Steve Gourlay Girl Doll

Girl Skateboards sent a hand full of dolls over to Oz to get paint jobs for an upcoming exhibition in Los Angeles. I was invited to slap some paint around and this is the result. I hand made the wooden camera from Victorian Ash.

Butterland Pig

Our Friends Greg and Katie from Butterland recently had a Winter Solstice feast, this piggy bastard got roasted in the furnace..mmmmm

Mavis Gourlay RIP

We sadly had to say goodbye to our best mate of all time, Mavis.  She was calmly put to rest on the 24th of June at home.
Mave was an incredible dog that was by my side for over 16 years day in day out, either at the studio, the workshop or out on a skate mission with all the boys.  A one of a kind true blue loyal friend.  I think Andy Murphy posted somewhere she was the most published dog in Australian skateboarding, I dont think she quite reached cover material but she had contents pages in the Skateboarders Journal, double page spreads and SPS's in Slam, photos in skate brand catalogues plus a few ads here and there. She was even sponno'd by Independent trucks for a few years.

 Im glad she's finally at peace and I'm looking forward to sipping some whiskey with wife and mates and blasting her ashes out of a potato canon off the pier soon, I love you Mave!

Something for Kate at the Forum

I got asked to shoot for SFK when they recently played at the Forum in Melbourne for their 20th Anniversary book they're working on. The brief was rad as I mostly had to shoot from the stage looking out to the crowd, somewhat daunting but fun. I have to keep those shots under wraps but here's a cliched shot of Paul Dempsey...I had a really fun night.

Lewis RIP

So I guess you can tell it's been awhile since my last post..Lewis's passing kinda knocked the 
digital-ness out of me for sometime. Below is a pic we shot together that reminds me of some really fun times. Heres to you Brah yeeew!