Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

I was digging around some dusty hard drives earlier today looking for an old shot and came across a bunch of semi old shots that never made the shiny paper for various reasons. Sometimes shots just slip thru the hoop whether it be because editors don't have tangible negs anymore and they forget what they have - or more than likely the shots just don't have a justifiable home at the time. [or pretty much they suck] I'm def not saying these should have been printed, just saying this is what can happen so chill out.
Jack Crook - kick flip, Werribee skatepark
Harry Clark - ollie butt shot, Bumville shopping centre
Morgan Campbell - alley oop feeble, Firemans warehouse

The Birdman

Tony Hawk, air to fakie. Sydney BDO mid 90's, I think there was 50,000 people watching that demo, it was f#@^% nuts.


This Maori inspired carving is by Lee Ralph, I think it's red gum so being 5ft high it weighs a ton, sitting nestled somewhere in St Kilda its at a good home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mad trouble...

This is what happens when you put Kerry Fisher and Blair Heath in a tent full of RedBull and vodka all day, shit gets very wild and we haven't even made it to the party yet. Did I say fun yet?

Corbin killed it

Mick Fanning giving Bomber a massage or maybe he's doing some kind of dance, apparently he can surf too as can Beau. Such good fun.

Flame Thrower

Jeezusss, shit got wild after the race at the Red Bull tent. People were getting as loose as you can possibly get.

Mark and Steve

I met Steve at the Redbull tent yesterday, we went and got fish and chips after the race. Mark was feeling a bit flat after his 5th place finish, he soon chirped up after a nice piece of grilled fish from Trent at the fisho.

Red Bull

Thanks to Simon Barrat and Shane Azar, we had some pretty special fun over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now thats air

My mate Chad Ford just sent me this link of an old shot I took back in Adelaide in 96. "Now that's Air!" is pretty much the lamest caption I've seen since "Now that's Switch!" on the cover of Slam a couple of years ago ha ha.

Heres another shot from earlier that morning from a previous post awhile back. Pat Roads classic japan air. Oi, skateboardingmagazine what ABEC do you use?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess Who

Found this old shot from GWC days, if you can guess who it I'll send ya something.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ryan Wilson

Its Monday and Ryan Wilson gets polaroid of the day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home made tattoos

We had some fun that night with the Canberra lads. Big City Dickheads!

no bad styles whilst riding your skateboard

Volcom east coast tour

I just got back from an amazing promotional trip were I was documenting "lifestyle" hammers with the Volcom skate team. It was the "Give jeans a chance tour" meaning they travel to big and small towns up and down the East coast, put on a demo/signing at the local skatepark and ask everyone to donate their old or shabby jeans in return for some new product.
Volcom then donate all the jeans to the homeless folk in Australia.
Such a great idea!
Thanks to all the Bruvvas for the mayhem and hangovers - Shane Azar, Jacob ATM, Dustin Dollin, Chris Phanner, Chima, Dave Harris, Keiren Reilly, Jake Duncombe, Max Couling, Nic Steponovic, Raven Tershy, Andrew Mapstone, Choi and Scotty Standley.

The shot above is Dustin getting all proud that he made the front page of the Manning Extra in Forster, NSW.

George Newsholme

Well this is a weird one for me, my friend Chris Searl from Monster Children sent me this scan the other day of George which I had completely forgotten I'd even taken. I was late for a MC deadline and didnt have time to process the roll of film so I sent it straight to MC so they could process it [prob 4 yrs ago]. I dont know were the film is but Chris sent me this half frame shot the other day. George is an amazing skateboarder from my hometown of Adelaide in case you where familiar with the name.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cow of the Day

This hairy Tasmanian dude is named Fergus, of course he gets my cow of the day.

Kurt Winter Tre

Here's Kurtly throwing down a Tre flip as the fence says at Geoffs shed. Unfortunately its the only scan I have which is a shitty compressed low res one.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corio bowl

We took a leisurely drive down to Corio yesterday with Corbin Harris [five o fakie] and filmer extrodinaire Eric Bragg, check out Eric's blog it's funny shit.
That's all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A motley mob, Trixie with devil eyes, Jake Phelps and Tony Trujillo taken at the Skaterock gig at Globe on Wed night, shit got wild. Check out and look at the vid of the kids getting a bit craaazy.